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Why Use Label Makers?

Research has shown that people spend an enormous amount of time every day simply looking for things that they have misplaced and that they feel very passionate about being organised. We can all relate to this in today's hectic, time-poor society! How frustrating is it searching for that one thing you need to get a job done when you know you could be using that time so much more productively?

Our range of labelmakers help people organise their working day and makes time for more important things in life.

The Dymo LabelWriter and Brother Quick Label ranges can be used to save time and money with cost-effective address labels and so much more from your PC. At home or in the office, get organised with dedicated labels for envelopes, packages, binders, videos, CD's, DVD's, suspension files, folders, name badges and so much more. Versatile and fast, these machines can be used to print all kinds of labels without tying up your main printer.

For professional applications around the office, the LabelMANAGER and Brother PT ranges offers unrivalled functionality and ease of use. These machines offer the opportunity to get organised with style and creativity. Semi-graphical displays, sophisticated software, PC links, bar code capability, logo and graphic printing ability are just some of the incredibly useful features on these machines. Don't waste any more time with poorly identified documents, or other items that take an age to find or lead to mistakes through misreading and take advantage of the feature-rich LabelMANAGER products. Portability is the key to the Dymo LabelPOINT and Brother PT1000, PT2460 and PT2480 line-up. Ideal for the professional on the move in an industrial or semi-industrial environment, where clear identification is not only the key to productivity but can be the difference between a safe, trouble-free workplace and the development of a serious or even dangerous situation. Robust, yet compact, DYMO LabelPOINT and Brother PT hand held ranges are designed for labelling on the move and all the advantages that offers.

Finally, the Dymo Office Tapewriters offer a tried and tested solution for superior durability using embossing tape.

So the message is clear…

Get organised, save time, invest in a labelmaker today!!


All prices exclude VAT. A delivery charge of £6.95 excluding VAT applies to all orders under £75.
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